• Import, export and sale of propan butane and light fuels
  • Supply to sites of end customers of propan butane and light fuels
  • Supply of chains of gas stations
  • Storage and processing of propan butane in the Kremikovtsi Base
  • Factory for filling of bottles with liquid gas
  • Fuels with proven origin
  • Sales and supplies of GAS WITHOUT EXCISE
Propan Butane Light Fuels
Stations Map

Company Synergon Petroleum has been established in April 2008 as part of Synergon Holding AD. The company is a successor of part of the business of Toplivo Gas. Main activity of Synergon Petroleum is the trade and storage of petrol products and gas.
To the assets of the company there are included gas depository in Kremikovtzi, petrol base in Malashevtzi, 30 sites for retail trade, 40 railroad carriages etc. The company is licensed as tax warehouse according to the Law on the excises an tax warehouses.

The personnel of the company is 250 persons, who work on European criteria and under conditions of good interpersonal relations, innovation and use of modern marketing approaches when taking decisions.